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INTECH offers a full range of services for processing plants in both normal and nitrogen atmospheres. Not only we unload, clean and reload different types of storage vessels (including setting up and removing any necessary installations), we also separate the fine material and inert ceramic balls from the catalyst. What’s more, we also process all the materials and parts that need replacing – such as the catalyst, molecular sieves, activated carbon and perlite and handle all the maintenance work.


NTECH owns its own Nitrogen generator which generates nitrogen at a purity of 95% with a flow rate of 675 cubic (m3/ hr.) at a pressure of 9 bar. This nitrogen unit is vital for purging hydro-carbons and blanketing to disperse any quantity of air (O2). It’s used in the operation of crude oil storage tank de-sludging, catalyst and molecular sieves replacements for the safety of personnel and assets, as well as for preservation purpose.

STEAM GENERATOR and De-salination units.

INTECH owns its 4 tons/hour, 11.76 bars mobile Steam Generator and de-salination unit in order to produce steam.


INTECH owns approximately more than 100,000 m3 of well-conditioned and certified scaffolding materials complying to the relevant international standard along with the certified and experienced scaffolding crew.

INTECH is following International Standard EN12811 for the erection, dismantling and modification of scaffolding ensuring the efficient working environment and providing safe working platform as required.


INTECH is having extensive experience in Industrial Grit Blasting and Painting. INTECH has well experienced and qualified Blasting and Painting Crew along with well-conditioned equipment and tools. INTECH has also well-equipped workshop at its Facility in Tripoli, Zuwara and Zueitina Terminal to carry out Workshop Blasting and Painting Activities.


INTECH is also having appropriate workforce along with well-conditioned equipment and tools to carry out Ice Blast Cleaning. INTECH has a proven experience for safe execution of Ice Blast Cleaning in compliance with the requirements and satisfaction of its clients.


Hot and Cold Insulation and Jacketing of pipelines and equipment is also another scope of INTECH. It has well equipped and well-conditioned Fabrication Workshop along with experienced and skilled workforce to deliver Insulation and Jacketing Service successfully and safely to its clients.


INTECH has qualified, experienced and skilled workforce to ensure successful and safe execution in line with requirements and satisfaction of its clients.

INTECH is also representing a well-known manufacturer of Refractory Products from EUROPE for the Libyan Market i.e. SIRC Refrattari.


Along with other services, INTECH is also having an extensive experience in Hospitality Industry.

INTECH has both fixed and mobile accommodation solutions including catering units and is always ready to be available when and where as required, within a reasonable very short time.

INTECH’s Hospitality Workforce is well experienced, qualified and skilled who are always ready to deliver the best of their service and as well as hygienically.

INTECH has its Accommodation Facilities in following locations:

  • Janzour Guest House which includes Executive Guest House, Guest Houses, Villas and Apartments.
  • Sabatash Logistic Base which comprises of Accommodation Units with Catering Facility.
  • Mellitah Complex accommodation Facility (West of Tripoli) which comprises of Accommodation Units with Catering Facility with a capacity of accommodating over 200 personnel in both inside and outside of Mellitah Complex.
  • Zueitina Terminal (East of Tripoli) which includes Accommodation Units and Catering Facility with a capacity of accommodating over 120 personnel.
  • ERAWIN Field Camp Facility (South West of Tripoli) which has a capacity to accommodate more than 200 personnel.
  • In addition, INTECH has Mobile Accommodation Units mounted with Skid, mobile kitchen & dinning containers which can be mobilized and install very easily to any locations at a very short duration when and where they are required.


INTECH is also capable and always ready to cater Local Support and Assistance Service to any overseas company to execute their projects / activities in the Libyan Market, mainly as follow:

  • Visa
  • Desert Passes
  • Local Transportation

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