Industrial Painting and sand blasting

Thanks to our long-dating experience, we are in the position to offer several solutions for the application of anticorrosive or covering paintings to protect iron anc steel facilities, in both private buildings and industries (chemical, petrochemical, energy-production, purification, pharmaceutical, electronics and engineering plants as well as sea platform, etc.. ), always relying on our advanced equipment:

·         Application of thick paintings, specifically conceived for the protection of essential components in energy-production plants (plates, condenser pipes, water boxes, heat exchangers, etc.);

·         Application of paintings and protective products (antirust, enamel, organic and inorganic cold galvanizing, epoxy bitumen, epoxy vinyl painting for iron structures, reinforcement paintings for stones and cement, impregnating’s paintings for wood, epoxy paintings, etc.);

·         Surface preparation/ Sandblasting : We have the resources to address your surface preparation requirements. We utilize coal slag, cobb, glass and steel shot blasting. Along with robotic and blast trac self contained systems, pressure, steam and chemical cleaning,best replica watches power and mechanical methods of surface preparation.


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Give us a challenge and we will find the right solution.