Crude Oil Tank Cleaning and Sludge Removal

INTECH owns the technology of automatic tank cleaning based on the method of COW (Crude Oil Washing) System, a highly effective way to clean up muddy sludge from the inside of the large oil tanks with a turbine system with Racing Drones rc helicopter floating heads, it has improved and adapted to the European requirements and producing countries oils and has expanded the application also in tanks of small dimensions and / or in places difficult to reach positions.

Conventional methods for the remediation of oil tanks require a considerable expenditure of time and human resources. Furthermore they involve a low percentage of recovery of the Swiss Replica Watches product, creating an increase in waste with ensuing environmental problems.

Benefits of SRS method:

·           Absolute safety for both operating personnel and for the environment

·           Our method recovers up to 98% of the hydrocarbon present in the sludge

·           Reduction of downtime upto 75 % compared to traditional method

·           Our method involves NO – MAN entry during the SRS operation.

·           Minimal environmental impact 

·           Safe cleaning process, closed loop cleaning under nitrogen blanket.

·           Low costs

·           Maximum product recovery

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