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OD18014 – Dismantling, Supply and Replacing of Closed Drain Piping at Sabratha Platform




Sabratha Platform – Libya




Service and Maintenance


Is to perform Dismantling, supply and Replacing of Closed Drain Piping at Sabratha Platform and it includes all engineering, supply of materials, fabrication, testing quality assurance and packing aspects concerning Dismantling and replacing of Closed Drain piping. The activities involved are as described below:

  • Engineering:

The following documents will be developed:

    • Piping system stress analysis
    • Detail engineering and construction drawings.
    • Welding specifications and procedures;
    • Welding maps for piping;
    • NDE procedures and qualifications;
    • Pressure test procedures for piping;
    • Surface preparation and paint procedure,

Upon completion of installation activities the final issue of engineering documentation will be made showing on the documents all the changes executed during the construction activities (as-built).


The following fabrication activities will be executed at fabrication workshop in Italy under our supervision and the activities will include the following:

    • Supply and fabrication of pipe supports,
    • Supply and fabrication of CS + NACE MR 175 + Sour Service piping (CA 6MM) with flanges, fittings, nuts, gaskets and all other materials necessary for fulfilling mechanical contract requirements, in accordance with isometrics issued by the Client;
    • Supply of non-destructive examination procedures and inspection reports (NDE extension 100% RT of Butt welds and 100%MP on fillet)
    • Hydro test of the prefabricated spools, drying and cleaning after the test
    • Supply and installation of identification tags;
    • Blast cleaning;
    • Supply of paint and painting of piping, piping supports and valves according to specs;
    • Supply of all testing equipment;
    • Supply of spare gaskets and bolting;
    • Supply of photographs.
    • Preparation for shipment and packing suitable for seaworthy packing.
    • Dismantling of the existing and erection of the new system, testing, commissioning on Sabratha Platform (based on daily rates)

INTECH will appoint a Project Manager (P.M.) with qualified experience who will be fully responsible for the project and will have the following main tasks:

    • to organize the team project by choosing qualified personnel and to be the principal contact to Client;
    • to use widely PERT methods and/or procedures of critical analysis, including electronic techniques for data management in order to guarantee the best execution of the project within the dated as agreed upon;
    • The P.M.’s activities will be supported by the following personnel:
      • Project Engineer
      • Workshop Manager
      • Purchase coordinator
      • Quality Assurance Manager
      • Safety Manager.



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