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OD16053 – Sludge removal and cleaning of Oil Buffer Tank #4E-220-TB-003-A


Mellitah Oil and Gas


Mellitah Complex – Libya




Service and Maintenance


INTECH is providing its services in Mellitah Complex since the year 2011 successfully and progressively with various range of services like online leak sealing, heat exchanger cleaning and retubing, catalyst handling, technical assistance etc.

At present INTECH is currently engaged and performing the operations and maintenance of Sulphur Solidification Plant and Re-tubing of Heat Exchangers at Mellitah Complex.

INTECH has successfully performed the project of sludge removal & cleaning of Oil buffer Tank #

4E-220-TB-003-B with the work order ref. no. CDG15/WO/MAINT/003 on May 2015

MOG currently has awarded the contract to INTECH for the project of sludge removal & cleaning of Oil buffer Tank # 4E-220-TB-003-A with the work order ref. no. CDG16/WO/MAINT/005


The main scope of work is to desludge and clean one Stabilized Oil buffer Tank Tag# 4E-220-TB-003-A at Mellitah Complex. To carry out the afore mentioned work, we will use the INTECH S.R.S (Sludge Recovery System). The SRS will recover almost near to 98% of the hydrocarbon present in the sludge. After desludging with S.R.S., the inert residual will be pulled out and final washing will be carried out to clean the tank completely and make it gas free to be ready for final inspection.

The scope of work will also include the following : –

  • The supply of 400 KVA electric generator for buffer tanks will be included in this offer.
  • The supply of Steam Generator for the provision of steam, minimum at 120 ⁰C, 3,0 ton/h @ 3,5 bar
  • The supply of Nitrogen Generator for the provision of nitrogen, min purity 95% @ min 350 Nm3/h. ≈ 85.000 liters of liquid nitrogen (will be offered as an optional).
  • The supply of Compressor for the provision of compressed air, 35/40 lit/sec @ 6,0 bar, Air connection ¾” (will be offered as an optional).
  • Supply of Mobile Workshop Container
  • Supply of forklift
  • Cleaning of shell above roof and the upper roof surface for the tank 4E-220-TB-003 as included in our scope.
  • The portion of the tank shell underneath the gasket (approx. 1mtr height) will not be cleaned as it is not reachable.




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