OD16035 - Gas Chromatograph Installation

Replacement of Defective Sulphur Analyzer in sales gas area- P1 40180AT 545.


Brief Description of Work:

In order to achieve the completion of replacement of defective sulphur analyzer, the following steps must to be achieved:

To inspect actual condition of the analyzer  ( received in 2014 ) in the W/H


To check the warranty and condition of gas cylinder ( will expire in August 2016)

To identify the proper procedure to dismantle the defective analyzer from the shelter 40-180-JA-003

To disconnect the cable and adjacent piping’s of actual analyzer and remove from shelter

Check the if the length of cables , piping’s  position if is required to be adjusted

To instate the new analyzer and reconnect to the system (calibration, implement in DMS )

Perform the field training for MOG personnel

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