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INTECH- INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY OIL SERVICES was founded by end of 2011 in Libya by the El- Fandi family, moving towards the goal of being the leading independent operation and maintenance qualified company for oil and gas industry in the Libyan territory.

INTECH’s core business is planning and managing the Operation and maintenance of oil, gas and power plants, in a way that optimizes safe operational performance, maximizes availability and minimizes costs adhering to clients/ INTECH’S QHSE policy. Maintenance service provision and ongoing execution of maintenance which is a complex task, where experienced professionals analyze the requirements, engineer the maintenance & plan the operations.

Professional maintenance not only increases operating revenue, it also extends the productive life of the assets and, as a result, contributes towards a more sustainable use of equipment and premises. INTECH’s core management has always focused on delivering safe and efficient Operation & Maintenance by using the latest technology, adopting strict quality standards and working closely with its clients at all levels.


To be Libya’s most preferred specialized service provider of operation and maintenance services to Oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation and process industry.

INTECH is known for its exceptional work and having persistent target on its crux business. We qualify ourselves through educating and conceptualizing Industry Ultimatums. We are always receptive to our client’s requirements and endeavor to solve their problems efficiently on time adopting our culture of ingenious deliberation and extra buoyant nature which in turn makes us earn the confidence and trust of our clients, resulting in interminable and profitable business relationships.

We aim at exploring cutting edge mechanization and endorsing it to enhance our services. We also aim at revamping the current human resources, by designing an atmosphere for the employees to enhance their skills and ability by implementing, precise and specified trainings. We also aim at creating a workplace that cushions our employees’ health, safety and security keeping in mind the corporate social responsibilities.


Identifying, customizing and adopting state of the art technology and the most adequate resources to enhance the efficiency of our operations and maintenance services. To grow through collaborative learning, exploring the potential of our people and technology, and to become a symbol of excellence. Our vision serves as the framework for our roadmap and guides to every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable quality growth.

We consider operations and maintenance services as the core Business for maximizing our brand value and profit, by making sure that there is no compromise on health, safety and environment. INTECH not only endeavors at absolutely exploring cutting edge mechanization but also blends with its client’s production aspirations.

We implement peerless mechanism in maintenance and servicing to all our clients. By accomplishing this we succeed towards being the superlative maintenance organization.



We treat people with respect, fairness, honesty, patience, understanding and trust
We are financially responsible corporate citizens, and are committed to the health, safety of people and the environment ensuring high quality in all aspects of our operations.
We practice high ethical and professional standards.
Teamwork is what we insist at and are committed to achieve common goals through it.
We collaborate, listen and share information within the Organization.


We facilitate and acknowledge personal and professional growth.
We strive to achieve excellence through innovation and continuous improvement.



Understanding the key purpose of this plan, which is structure way of conducting our Business and communicating the same to all the stakeholders of the organization. We will dedicate the adequate time, efforts and expenses focusing on identifying new customers and maintaining customer relationships.


The key measure of our business success is customer satisfaction. Our ability to satisfy our customers is measured by repeated orders and by getting introduced to new clients which is the key determinant of growth and profitability.


The key requirement for wealth building and business success is for us to add value by employing competent and specialized manpower, acquiring latest technology and Equipments and effective project planning and coordination, which in turn minimizes the effective project executing time resulting in cost optimization and improved qualitative services to client leaving behind a great customer experience.


The most important person in the Business is the customer. Our customers are the central focus of our business. We follow the rule of rapid response by understanding the urgency of the client and resolving it with immediate action. We go above and beyond for client satisfaction. In addition to our customers our employees also are our prime Focus. We believe in the fact that if we keep our employees happy they will keep our customers happy.


In life, work, and business, we will always be rewarded in direct proportion to the value of our contribution to others, as they see it. The focus on outward contribution, to our company, our customers, and our community, is the central requirement for us to become an ever more valuable entity, in every aspect.


In a world of rapid development and continuing aggressive competition, we must practice continuous improvement by providing best qualitative service at the best price in the optimum time along with maintaining international safety standards in every area of our business.


The heartbeat of our business is sales and services project execution.


The most important number in business is cash flow. Cash flow is to the business as blood and oxygen are to the brain. We can have every activity working efficiently in our business with the perfect cash flow.


We have a growth plan. Growth is the goal of all our business activities. We have a goal to grow 40 percent each year.


INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY OIL SERVICES (INTECH) is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Libyan company which provides wide range of services to OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY with primary focus on quality and timely completion which is in compliance with international QHSE standards. We started in the end of year 2011 and we have grown tremendously in the previous years and have huge plans for expansion.

We offer wide range of services for the Oil and Gas industry which includes operational maintenance of Sulphur solidification plant, scaffolding, sand blasting, industrial painting, heat exchanger onsite cleaning and maintenance, Heat exchanger Re-tubing, Catalyst handling services, Tank cleaning, Onsite flange facing/machining, Steam and Gas leakage repair, safety valve online testing and calibration, safety valve repair and other types of valves repairs, mechanical decoking, technical assistance services, rental of Equipments, maintenance/modification of UPS systems, audit and restoration of metering systems etc. Our business approach is to build up long term relationship with our valued clients.  We adhere to the principle that successful partnership delivers successful development. Though based in North Africa, our employees are a converged workforce from different parts of the globe, servicing the maintenance and other related fields which have become an industry benchmark for safety, quality, reliability and efficiency.

Similarly, INTECH has also got the sound business relationship with several overseas esteemed and specialized oil & gas service providing organizations from where it can get the adequate support for its Libyan operations whenever and wherever deemed necessary.


INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY OIL SERVICES (INTECH) is committed to delivering safe & high quality excellent services, this commitment is consistently achieved through the strict adherence and implementation of Quality, Safety, Health and Environmental policies designed to optimize working conditions at all times and all levels.

At INTECH, the policy “SAFETY IS EVERYONE’S RESPONSIBILITY” is inherent with the working system. The policy applies from the Top Management down to the workers. As such, each and every member of the team has an integral part to play and assure a safe working environment for our employees, clients, visitors and the public. INTECH complies with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirement, standards and Codes of Practice and provides the necessary training and advice for employees along with the appropriate safety devices and protective clothing.

The Top Management ensures all INTECH’s personnel are competent on the basis of their education, experience and trainings. Job related trainings and orientations programs for safety, health and environment are given by recognized experts. Furthermore, comprehensive and strict supervision by competent supervisors are applied and observed at all stages of INTECH operations & project execution to maintain continuously achieved best results.

INTECH’s commitment to HSE policies is to strive towards achieving Goal Zero, we believe that all injuries are avoidable, hence, continuous preventive safety measures are constantly sought and applied to keep an excellent safety track record.

HSE policy Document


We ensure that our clients receive excellent services, we assist you with any oil and gas maintenance services and support needs you have.

Quality and Reliability

Every client’s needs are unique, our service department provides the best solution for each request. The decisive factor is specifications, not brand name!

Certified Professionals

Our resource pool consist of large number of certified professionals, skilled workers and technicians within all trades.

Affordable prices

With our international network, we are able to negotiate favourable framework agreements with suppliers and OEM’s worldwide, which results in competitive prices.

Our Dedicated Team


Managing Director and Founder
Chairman of the Executive Board


Finance Manager and Co-Founder
Vice Chariman of the Executive Board


Public Relations Officer
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Operations Manager
Member of the Executive Board

Give us a challenge and we will find the right solution.